No Purchase Necessary


Businesses are an essential component of a healthy community.  They provide jobs, services, and products that we all need to function and thrive. 

We also believe that a strong community is essential for a successful business. 

DANSOAP needs healthy and well informed customers to buy our product and help our business grow.  People, government, and businesses are all threads in the fabric that make up our neighborhoods and communities. 

This interconnectedness drives the core belief at DANSOAP that we have an obligation to be good citizens – to reduce our environmental impact, provide fair wages and benefits, pay our taxes, and support local non-profits and organizations that enhance our communities. 

Since we are interconnected, we also think that you have a right to know how we are living up to this “good citizen” obligation.  So, this blog will be used to tell you and show you what happens at DANSOAP and inform you about our industry.

We promise it won’t get preachy and it won’t get political.  We are just going to show what we do and why we do it.  You are invited to comment and hold us accountable to our obligation – whether you are a customer or not.

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