DanSoap is made by two friends, both named Dan, who became friends over 30 years ago! If you reach out to our company, you are going to get either Dan or Dan because we're not a large scale corporate chemical company. We, Dan & Dan, first met sometime in mid 80s on the same local soccer team. Thirty years later we are still friends and have experimented with more crazy ideas than we should mention here.  One of these experiments finally worked: an all natural laundry soap that had minimal impact on the environment and actually cleaned our kids’ clothes. We started in a garage, then as sales grew moved into an industrial space in Lakewood, Ohio.


If you buy our soap, you can know that one of us has personally hand-mixed the ingredients, made the soap, filled the biodegradable canister, and labeled it. We are a small company, and proudly focused on shipping a product we can trust and use ourselves. In fact we each use it to clean our own families clothes!

We are committed to making sure we are putting a good product out into the world, but not only that, we're committed to using a local supply chain (purchasing all of materials from Ohio suppliers) while producing a natural, effective, plastic free, biodegradable, eco-friendly laundry soap. We hope you’ll give it a try.